What are the best sources online to Learn Matlab Programming for Beginners?

 Matlab Programming for Engineers, Coursovie Training Inc. www.coursovie.com

 Matlab Programming for Engineers, Coursovie Training Inc. www.coursovie.com

Why should you start learning to code?

There are plenty of reasons whey everyone should start learning to code at some point. Whether it is merely your passion or the fear of Robots taking your job, it makes all sense to start preparing yourself for the Jobs of the Future. Once, I convinced myself that I should learn to code, I began to search online to see where I should start? What is the best programming language for me?

What is the best approach to learn any programming language?

Being an engineer, my options were not limited. Programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Matlab, Mathematica were all great ones, but I couldn't learn them all. Fortunately, I didn't have to. Four years later, I came to the conclusion that learning one would be equivalent to learning other programming languages to a great extent. I realized that learning to code is actually nothing more than:

  1. Understanding the problem without making it more complicated
  2. Breaking the Problem into smaller parts so you could solve them once at a time
  3. Developing an easy solution to each step (Creating the Algorithm)
  4. Implement the solution
  5. Testing and Debugging your Code

Once these steps are mastered, you have already accomplished a lot. The rest is dealing with the programming syntax. If you ask any good programmer where to start, they would tell you just pick up any programming language, and once, you learn the basics of programming which are common for all, you are ready to learn the syntax of any other programming language in much shorter time. The only way I know NOT to be able to learn a programming language is by focusing on programming syntax first.

Why Matlab programming is one of the best options to learn programming fundamentals?

Matlab programming is one of the best options you have, to learn to program. It is very easy to learn, lots of learning resources, many vibrant communities, and more. It is a great point to start. On the other hand it is so powerful that NASA is using it for their Pluto mission. Using this programming language, you can learn start coding in a very short amount of time.

Best Approach to learn Matlab programming Fast

The challenging part in start learning Matlab programming might be a large amount of learning resources that might get you puzzled where to start. Not all learning resources are designed with beginners in mind. This made me frustrated when I decided to learn Matlab programming myself. Therefore, I decided to put together a comprehensive Matlab programming video tutorial that would take anyone without any coding experience, and turn them into professional Matlab programmers in less than 30 days. Yes, I know that is a bold statement, but I have more than 6000 students to support my claim. I have developed a unique curriculum that would reinforce the student learning in a much faster way than the conventional approach. In addition, both courses come with Coursovie Training Certificate that can be published on Linkedin.

Course 1: How to become a Good Matlab Programmer in Less than 30 days
Course 2: Learn Matlab Programming by Examples
Matlab Programming for Beginners, Coursovie Training Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Matlab Programming for Beginners, Coursovie Training Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In this course, I will start introducing Matlab programming for beginners and walk them step by step showing them the program interface, and basic programming skills. Slowly, we will ease our way into more advanced programming topics such as Matrices, and Plotting. This course also comes with 30 days money back guarantee. No prior programming experience is required for this course. You may see some reviews of the course below:

Advanced Matlab Programming Courses, Coursovie Training Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Advanced Matlab Programming Courses, Coursovie Training Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Matlab Programming by Examples will build upon the successful Course " Learn Complete Matlab Programming in less than 30 days" and helps students to utilize the Matlab programming skills through various solved examples. I have included various Mini and complete projects that will help students to practice on their own, and learn the required skills needed in Matlab programming. In this course, students will learn about advanced functions, importing and exporting files in Matlab, Strings and Text manipulation, etc. For the complete list of Course topics, please refer to the course page here.

Also, I have added the source code for the programs and practice examples as a downloadable M-files, and students can download the codes and compare them with their own and develop their coding skills. This course also offers Coursovie Training Certificate that students can publish on their Linked In account and demonstrate their competency in Matlab programming to the employers and colleagues alike.

Other Great Sources for Learning Matlab Programming

Regardless of any learning resource, you will need a complete Matlab Cheat Sheet that helps you to learn the syntax and built-in functions fast. Thor Nielsen has put together a great source that you can download here.

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Beginner Level Learning Resources:

  1. How to become a Good Matlab Programmer in Less than 30 Days (Includes Certificate)
  2. Introduction to programming with Matlab by Coursera
  3. Matlab Tips for Beginners
  4. Introduction to computer programming by Matlab
  5. Matlab Primer
  6. Matlab Basics by home hit
  7. Interactive Introduction to Matlab Programming Edinburgh University
  8. MathTutorDVD Matlab Training Video
  9. Example Based Matlab Tutorial from Tutorialspoint
  10. Learning to Program with Matlab: Building GUI Tools
  11. MIT Introduction to Matlab Programming
  12. Matlab Tutorials by Kelly Black
  13. Matlab Wikibook Pages
  14. Lynda Matlab Programming tutorials
  15. Introduction to Matlab programming for Engineering Students
  16. Matlab Self-Paced learning modules by UNSW

Intermediate and Advanced Matlab Learning Resources:

  1. Learn Matlab Programming by Examples (Codes Included) - Includes Certificate
  2. Interactive Control Systems Tutorials
  3. Mathworks Videos
  4. Matlab / Simulink and Advanced Topics
  5. Matlab Tips for Advanced Users
  6. Matlab Programming for Control Engineers
  7. Matlab and Simulink for Control Engineering
  8. Matlab Geeks Excellent Matlab tutorials in various fields
  9. Matlab Examples in Aerospace Field
  10. RuCCS Matlab/Psychtoolbox Course for Beginners
  11. Matlab Function Reference

Matlab for Computer Vision and Image Processing:

  1. Digital Signal Processing with Matlab (Includes Codes and Certificate)
  2. Peter Kovesi
  3. Image Processing Place

Youtube Channels:

  1. Mathworks Official Youtube Channel
  2. Great Video Tutorials by RobertTalbertPhD
  3. Matlab Tutorials
  4. Mathworks Video Playlists

Simulink Training

  1. Great Matlab and Simulink Training with Certificate of Completion

Great Books in Matlab Programming

  1. Robotics, Vision and Control: Fundamental Algorithms in MATLAB
  2. Mobile Robots: Navigation, Control and Remote Sensing
  3. Simulation of Dynamic Systems with MATLAB and Simulink, 2e