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In order to make a course and sell it online, you need to be familiar with the proper tools and technics required for video making, otherwise, even if you are a professional in what you teach, no one will understand or buy your courses. In this page, we walk you through all required steps to make sure you are on the right path for making and selling your courses and helping others to be better engineers for tomorrow.  by the way, if you don't have time to read all these, we have also provided two video tutorial which helps you to get started. 


Please follow the instructions below before applying for instructor position

These are the list of the required equipment that you need to have in order to produce quality courses




In order to make an online course, you need to run your presentation and the software you are teaching on a platform which could be a PC or a Mac. Most of the software packages out there are more compatible with PC(Microsoft Windows). That's why we are more focused on PC, but it doesn't mean you cannot make any courses with Mac. if you have any questions regarding Mac, please feel free to contact us and we will help you with that. The best practice for online course making is to have two monitor screens. So while you are recording one of your screens, you can check with a manual, notes, instructions on the other screens and that extra screen doesn't need to be necessarily a large HD monitor. You may have your laptop screen for recording and have your tablet or iPad as an extra monitor screen. even tho our recommendation is to work with two monitor screens, you can work with a single screen for all of your recordings without any issues.


A Recording Device


In case you plan to use your laptop to make a course, you should know that most of the laptops are coming with a built-in microphone which will help you to record your voice while teaching. However, we don't recommend using any built-in microphones that come with your laptop. The reason is they are not capable enough to capture your voice and also they are recording a lot of background noises along with your voice which can be distracting for anyone watching our listening to your course. Instead, we recommend you to buy a microphone designed for podcast making or video recording. while you can go with any options

you might have, here are our recommendations:

  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  • CAD U37
  • Floreon BM 800
  • Apogee Mic 96k
  • Rode Podcaster
  • Audio Technica ATR2100
  • Blue Spark Digital Lightning

You can go with any other options you like, but please make sure when you are recording, your voice is clear enough and there is no background noise present on your playback sound.


Video Recording and Editing Software


One of the essential parts of the video making process is the recording and then editing. during that process, you may want to cut some parts of the recording, add some more voices to your recording, add caption or animations to the recording, so make it more understandable. To do so, you need to have a video editing software installed on your computer. here are some software packages that we recommend you to work with(just choose one of them):

  • Camtasia® 2018
  • Bandicam
  • Screencast-O-Matic


It is very handy to have a piece of paper or a notebook with you when you are recording. The reason is, sometimes you have reminded something that you should mention or a part that you said something that you need to go back and remove in the recording. Writing them down somewhere for later helps you to clear up your mind and focus on your recording.


We have made this simple video to provide you with the summary of what you need to start making online courses on Coursovie.


What you need to start making courses


Short Tutorial on how to record and edit videos on Camtasia 2018


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