Frequently Asked Questions

What does Coursovie mean ?

Coursovie is a combination of course + movie. We teach engineering fundamentals using videos.

How long do I have access to videos I purchase?

You will have a permanent access to all the products you purchase on We update our courses and trainings all the time, and we want to make sure you will have access to the latest trainings.  

I have other questions before I want to make a purchase, how can I contact Coursovie staff?

You can always contact us at

Can I refund if I don't find your courses useful ?

We believe in high quality educational videos and product, but if you didn't find our products useful you can always refund within 15 days of purchase. 

Can I change my information on coursovie?

Absolutely, you can log in to your account and make all the changes you want through our systems. 

Can I download videos ?

Yes, you can download any course you want. 

Do I have access to codes and sample files ?

Yes, every course taught on Coursovie comes with all the programming codes, and practice files. 

Do I have access to codes and sample files ?

Absolutely, we are looking for passionate and enthusiastic individuals who can teach professionally. Please send us your linked page and our HR department will review your application and if you were a fit to our company and culture, we would contact you. 

Can I send you my engineering problem or project to code ?

Fortunately NO. We believe in higher quality education that leads to helping individuals learn engineering concepts more efficiently.

Can I send you my engineering problem or project to code ?

Every course comes with a separate and individual purchase link, where you can make a purchase directly on the website without registering and be a Coursovie member. However, we strongly encourage your to  do so because you have access to many options including free trial on every course on Coursovie. 


if you have further questions please email us at