An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic with Matlab

A comprehensive guide on Fuzzy Logic using Matlab Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic using Matlab Programming


What is included in this course ?


Learn Fuzzy Logic fundamentals

In this course students are able to learn all the Fuzzy Logic requirements and fundamentals needed to utilize this powerful control strategy in their workflow and projects. Learn from experts in Fuzzy Logic and Matlab programming.


Learn to use Matlab Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Students have the opportunity to work with Matlab and Matlab Fuzzy Logic Toolboxes as industry standard tools to explore the Fuzzy Logic concept and its features. You will learn the most important Fuzzy rules and Matlab commands in an easy to follow and intuitive course that enable you to learn Fuzzy Logic practically.


Learn Fuzzy Logic using through multiple projects

We have included various engineering examples, and projects that help you learn the Fuzzy Logic fundamentals, and apply what you have learned. We will also explore one of the most sophisticated engineering projects done by Fuzzy Logic. The implementation of Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit also known as FCCU. This chapter will equip you with a lot of experience that you can show as your work portfolio.


Get Certified in Fuzzy Logic and Matlab Programming

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