Matlab Programming by Samples (Codes Included)

Matlab Programming by Examples will build upon the successful Course " Learn Complete Matlab Programming in less than 30 days" and helps students to utilize the Matlab programming skills through various solved examples. We have included Mini and complete projects that will help students to practice on their own, and learn the fundamental and required skills in Matlab Programming.

Also we have included the source code of the programs and practice examples and students can download and compare them with their own and develop their coding skills. This course also offers Coursovie Training Certificate that students can publish on their Linked in Account and demonstrate their competency in Matlab programing to employers and their professors.



Learn Matlab Programming Professionally 

Instead of learning Matlab programming from various resources, you can have access to one of the most comprehensive Matlab trainings online and learn this useful skill from professional instructors with years of experience in engineering and programming. Almost %95 of this course graduates are hired in engineering and Matlab related fields. 


Get Certified in Matlab Programming 

All of the training courses and projects available at are prepared by professional engineers with the knowledge about the industry needs and shortcomings. We believe that those students who graduate this course will be ready for take over today's jobs in the market.  Upon successful graduation, students will receive the Course certificate that could be printed or issued on your LinkedIn profile. These certificates are verifiable by any employer or University online. You can download a sample of certificate below.  


Unlimited Access to Course & Future Updates

Students will have unlimited access to the purchased courses, codes, and downloadable materials. All the certificates issued are valid as long as students are registered in the course. Every year multiple new sections will be added to the course and all of those shall be free. 


Course Contents 

This course comes in 9 chapters and the summary of the chapters are as below: 

Chapter 1: General & Important Notes

Chapter 2: M-Files, Functions, and Scripts in Matlab

Chapter 3: Matrices and Vectors

Chapter 4: Importing and Exporting Files in Matlab

Chapter 5: Decision Making Techniques in Matlab

Chapter 6: Strings & Text Manipulation

Chapter 7: Plotting & New Features

Chapter 8: Matlab Programming Techniques

Chapter 9: References and Conclusion


Who is the Instructor of this course ? 

Hossein Tootoonchy is a control and instrumentation engineer with more than 8 years experience in the industry. He has successfully utilized Matlab programming skill in his work and research that has brought him a reputation in instrumentation field. He was the head of Instrumentation engineering department at IQA before starting his own company and help thousands of students worldwide. He has used Matlab programming in three of his research papers and books that were published by Springer in 2013, 2014 and 2016. He has prepared this course for beginners in Matlab with no prior experience in programming at all. Below is a short list of student reviews after getting the course. 



Some Course Reviews