Smart Plant Instrumentation 

Smart Plant Instrumentation 

Welcome to the only Smart Plant Instrumentation Comprehensive Online Course 


Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) - INtools

A comprehensive Video Tutorials Series on Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI INTOOLS)

Smart Plant Instrumentation® powered by INtools® is extensively used in various industries to help engineers to automate complex processes, and minimize human mistakes. Hossein and Payman are experienced Control & Instrumentation engineers who have used SPI throughout the years, and put together a comprehensive course that helps students to get familiar with the SPI and its use in industry. The following items are covered in this course.

  • Define, create and initialize domains 
  • Admin and Domain Administration Sections
  • Creating Domain Administration configurations
  • Create Plant hierarchy, loop and tag conventions
  • Create teams, groups and individual engineers to handle different parts of the SPI
  • Create Loops and Tags based on the Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Create Instrument Index 
  • Working with SPI preferences in 19 sections
  • Setting up user and group preferences
  • Creating Instrument Data Sheets, and Instrument Specifications
  • Generating different reports and Instrument summaries
  • Performing Instrumentation Sizing and calculations including Valves and Flow Element sensors

In addition to the aforementioned activities, comprehensive Instrumentation training documents such as Control Valve engineering, Temperature elements, and Flow Elements are provided for download. 



Learn Smart Plant Instrumentation from Professionals

Both Payman and Hossein are professional Control & Instrumentation engineers with years of experience in the industry. This course is created step by step for beginners who are willing to learn Smart Plant instrumentation or enhance their engineering skills. Instructors would explain completely the reasons behind their decisions at every step and provide students with not only SPI but Instrumentation knowledge as well. 


Get Certified in Matlab Programming 

All of the training courses and projects available at are prepared by professional engineers with the knowledge about the industry needs and shortcomings. We believe that those students who graduate this course will be ready for take over today's jobs in the market.  Upon successful graduation, students will receive the Course certificate that could be printed or issued on your LinkedIn profile. These certificates are verifiable by any employer or University online. You can download a sample of certificate below.  


Unlimited Access to Course & Future Updates

Students will have unlimited access to the purchased courses, codes, and downloadable materials. All the certificates issued are valid as long as students are registered in the course. Every year multiple new sections will be added to the course and all of those shall be free. 


Course Contents 

This course comes in 8 chapters and the summary of the chapters are as below: 

Chapter 1: Course Introduction & Requirements

Chapter 2: System Administrator Activities in Smart Plant Instrumentation

Chapter 3: How to set up the Smart Plant Instrumentation

Chapter 4: Creating Instruments & Control Loops in Smart Plant Instrumentation

Chapter 5: How to work with Process Module in SPI

Chapter 6: Performing Calculations and Sizing Activities in SPI

Chapter 7: Performing Wiring Activities in SPI using Wiring Module

Chapter 8: References and Downloadable Resources


Who are the instructors of this course ? 

Payman is an Instrument and Control Engineer with 6+ years experience and an excellent track record of professional engineering service in the global market. He has proven experience in design, configuring, installation, commissioning of DCS and PLC-based control systems and their related instrumental devices.

 Hossein Tootoonchy is a control and instrumentation engineer with more than 8 years experience in the industry. He has successfully utilized Matlab programming skill in his work and research that has brought him a reputation in instrumentation field. He was the head of Instrumentation engineering department at IQA before starting his own company and help thousands of students worldwide. He has used Matlab programming in three of his research papers and books that were published by Springer in 2013, 2014 and 2016. He has prepared this course for beginners in Matlab with no prior experience in programming at all. Below is a short list of student reviews after getting the course. 



Students who graduate this course will receive Coursovie Certificate for Smart Plant Instrumentation