Training the Engineers of Tomorrow

Coursovie mission is to teach the engineering fundamentals practically. 

Our Mission


Coursovie's mission is to provide every single student, researcher, and enthusiast with high quality, affordable, and engaging higher education experience. We truly believe in the E-Learning experience. We believe that education is lifelong experience and should be accompanied with the latest technology in the field. At Coursovie, we deliver engaging training videos in various engineering and Business fields which invites students to code along the course instead of listening to the video lectures passively.


Active Learning is better

It is not hard to see how effective the use of media in education can be. Students are able to browse their topics of interest and start learning interactively using videos, and tutorials. Here in Coursovie we believe that students can learn more effectively when their learning experience is accompanied by practical examples using codes instead of solving problems on paper. That is why we have started a very friendly community for engineers who can browse multiple engineering courses and practice the fundamentals through coding. We believe that the education system today is not efficient enough to transfer the engineering skills required for the success of students, and engineers in the industry. That is why we created Coursovie for ourselves and now for everyone else ! 


Learning Efficiently

The true learning can be achieved when it is accompanied by practical examples in the field. All of us know how boring the transitional education system could be when the engineering fundamentals are exercised using pen and paper only.  In Coursovie we do believe that the today's technology could be used to encourage students to explore the engineering concepts using programming, and code. Almost all of our courses are taught using in demand programming languages including but not limited to Matlab, Mathematica, Python, C++, C, and many more. This will enable students to not only learn the engineering concepts but also practice them effectively. We believe our training will prepare the students to be ready for job market from day one. We have divided each course into multiple chapters and included the necessary videos and information in each chapter to fully transfer the concept practically. Moreover, we have included the source code for every example, and project presented here, and students can download and revise them according to their own needs. 


Course Certificate 

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a verifiable course certificate, that they could share on their LinkedIn profiles. All the Coursovie Training Certificates are verifiable by Universities, engineering companies, and job recruiters. We have partnered with the best researchers, and professors in the fields we teach, and we are confident that our students will acquire the real skills for becoming successful in the industry.


Coursovie Certificate issued for Matlab Programming course. 


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